At Birdie on 18 we design and produce sharp, fresh, eye-catching clothing across t-shirts, sweatshirts and caps.


Fed up with what the mainstream brands and golf stores were offering, Birdie on 18 aims to provide the kind of laid back, slightly ironic golf clobber you can wear anywhere - on and off the course.

Why should we feel like some Ivy League douchebag in a polo shirt and chinos?  Golf is cool and getting cooler, but golf gear isn't. Until now. It's time to step it up and get things going. Simple, clean, sharp lines and messages. 


The 18th hole is a great place. Things happen here, matches are won and matches are lost. Whether you're Seve in '84 or poor Doug Sanders in 1970, there is joy and there is pain.

Cards are signed, hands are shaken and friendships are forged. It can be a pre-cursor to many things with memories made forever.

During any round of golf, there is always a shot or two that brings us back. None more so than at Birdie on 18. I had one of my greatest moments in golf on the 18th of the Old Course at St. Andrews in 2019, where I drained an 15-footer for birdie and got an appreciative ripple from the on-lookers up against the green picket fences.

It was my brief moment of glory and for a split-second, I felt like a major winner. After a few beers later in The Jigger came the idea for Birdie on 18. 

Tee it Up 

We share the hope and optimism that the great game of golf can deliver. It brings people together, strangers become friends, balls are hit and balls are lost, good shots, bad shots, occasionally a Tiger shot.

But the beauty of it all is that golf will always bring you back.

We hope our simple range of golf clothing reflects that hope and optimism. Let's all play golf and have fun; let's meet new people and make new friends and have a beer and a dram after. Whether you're scratch or just plain scratchy, few games can unite us like golf. 

Golf is a numbers game and here's to more Birdies on 18.  

Come join us on our Adventures in Golf Clobber....

Play well and all the best. 


instagram: @jimmosley